Sherman County


• To recruit and retain individuals to the Sherman County area to fill open positions at large employers and local businesses needing to fill salary positions.
• We want to provide employers the opportunity to actively participate in this incentive to help fill open positions and bring new members to our community.
• Create a welcoming environment for individuals and families moving to the area from Colorado and other surrounding areas.

Available Positions

About Sherman County

Sherman County is located in the middle of the country at the crossroads of US Interstate 70, Kansas Highway 24, and Highway 27. Bordering Colorado on the West, with Denver less than 200 miles away and approximately 32 miles from Nebraska to the North connecting you to Interstate 80. As well as Interstate 40 in Texas, Goodland is a convenient location for commercial traffic.

Sherman County’s excellent combination of road, rail, and air transportation give it a truly global reach and marketing advantage for your business. Due to our central location and because we’ve focused on building and maintaining an outstanding infrastructure, it’s easier and more affordable to ship to and from Goodland, Kansas.

Sherman County is a developing, innovative, safe, advanced community. We are a community on the rise. Sherman County has an eclectic business environment, and we are dedicated to supporting all new and existing businesses, from the smallest mom-and-pop shop to the largest international corporation. Our local economy is a harmonious balance of agriculture, technology, and service-based businesses.

We are building a regionally recognized economy, thanks to our:

  • Business-friendly environment
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Focused, growth-minded momentum

Sherman County is home to many attractions that provide entertainment, learning, and recreational activities. From the Kidder Massacre to the Big Easel, Sherman County has many diverse attractions. Visit the High Plains Museum or experience some local art at the Carnegie Arts Center downtown.

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