Cheyenne County

If you’ve ever been to Cheyenne County, you know how beautiful it is. The goal of the Cheyenne County Incentive Program is to drive people to reside in the county that we know and love.

The approach taken for the incentive program was to identify jobs within the community that are critical to keep the economy going. Innovation Center & ConnectNWK are partnering with those companies to give a monetary incentive to individuals who are hired for these job positions.

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About Cheyenne County

Cheyenne county is home to two main cities: Bird City with 447 residents and St. Francis with 1,329 citizens. The balance of the county’s population is located in rural country homes, farms, or ranches.

We have a proud agriculture-based heritage with producers of wheat, corn, beef, poultry, pork, and other commodities. Western Kansas is home to some of the most beautiful prairie in the state of Kansas with sunsets and sunrises that, in our humble opinion, just can’t be beat. The county is abundant with wildlife including deer, pheasants, turkeys, and quail. Archers and hunters enjoy our landscapes during hunting seasons.

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