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Welcome home. Whether you’re new to the region, or a native starting a journey in familiar surroundings, Northwest Kansas is the perfect place to plant your roots. With cost of living nearly 13 percent lower than the national average, you not only have the ability to establish the home you’ve always wanted, but to create the life you’ve longed to live.

Wide open spaces means there’s plenty of room to spread your wings to fly. An expansive horizon beckons you to explore and enjoy outdoor ventures where the sun shines more than 250 days a year. Entertainment and cultural activities await at venues and communities throughout our 26-county region.

With a range of vibrant businesses, industries and agriculture to keep the economy humming, it’s no wonder working professionals find the perfect balance of career and convenience on the High Plains. Commutes are short, opportunities are long and the only thing that will limit you is your imagination. It’s time to realize your dreams in the place you love.

We’ve created Connect NWK to serve as a systematic approach to initiate effective communication between employers and applicants, and among individuals and communities. By thoughtfully cultivating connections, we can impact the talent pool of recruitment initiatives and drive up the population of Northwest Kansas.

Our data-driven connections pinpoint the needs and desires of people wanting to live and work within the Innovation Center region. Welcome home, spread your wings, and come chase your dreams!

ConnectNWK is a program of Innovation Center. Innovation Center’s programs are designed to support and facilitate economic development to build, to strengthen, and to sustain growth throughout the communities of  the 26 counties it serves in Northwest Kansas. Learn more about how Innovation Center can help put your ideas in motion with the programs it offers.

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