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The Phillips County Workforce Recruitment Incentive Program (PCWRIP) is being implemented for the overall benefit of Phillips County.

We are offering a grant in the form of incentive funds to businesses to recruit new employees for positions that are key to economic and community growth for Phillips County.

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About Phillips County

Located in Northwest Kansas, equidistant between I-70 and I-80, Phillips County is ideally situated on the shortest trucking route between two major interstates. The location has contributed to the area’s growth, with the local economy being comprised primarily of agricultural companies and small businesses.

Phillips County is composed of the small-town hospitality everyone is looking for. The progressive community with its growing healthcare facilities, retail sector and outstanding educational system form the idyllic lifestyle that so many are proud to call “Home.” Phillips County offers multiple shopping, dining, and entertainment options, and attractions that are fun for the entire family. The county also offers a variety of recreational and cultural amenities, and healthcare facilities.

Phillips County has ample places for outdoor and sports activities. Agra Lake offers fishing, hiking trails, swimming, and camping. Lake Logan is just a few miles south of the town of Logan. The area can be used for fishing and boating and has a campground with electrical outlets for a range of camping styles including RV’s and campers. Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge is located along the North Fork of the Solomon River and provides a safe layover habitat for migratory birds. Visitors can hunt and fish via a variety of methods including archery for hunting and all-season access to fishing.

There are two golf courses in Phillips County. The Logan Golf Course is a substantial ninehole golf course. With reasonable two-dollar green fees, the Logan Golf Course offers a beautiful golfing experience for a variety of visitors and locals. The Phillipsburg Golf Club has a nine-hole golf range with both a men’s and women’s league.

At the Phillipsburg City Park, there is a full 18-bin disc golf course, providing an additional outdoor activity for residents and visitors. The park also offers a walking trail which showcases WPA (Works Progress Administration)-era stone bridges extending across small streams.

Phillipsburg Aquatic Center offers an engaging summer experience with accessible entry options. Appealing to a wide range of swimmers, the facility has two pools. One is outdoor with a variety of features such as slides and fountains. The second pool is indoor and designed for exercise and therapeutic purposes.

Phillips County also has venues for indoor activities. Originally the Winship Opera House built more than one hundred years ago, Majestic Theater has been providing cinematic experience since 1925. The Huck Boyd Community Center offers meeting space for formal and informal gathering, with such amenities as meeting rooms, internet, restrooms, a kitchen, and an auditorium.

Phillips County hosts several museums. The Dane G. Hansen Museum houses a substantial art display and often has a Smithsonian traveling exhibit. This museum is open to the public without admission fee and showcases local artists through local exhibits and an “Artist of the Month” spotlight feature. The Fort Bissell Museum displays the history of Phillips County. Members of the community donate items for the museum’s collection, and many items showcase the culture and experiences of settlers. Eighteen-hundreds housewares and a range of military uniforms dating from the Civil War onward fill the museum. Located at the Huck Boyd Community Center, the C&R Railroad Museum displays animated trains in a 57-foot mountain range, together with numerous cars, cabooses, and railroad lanterns.

The Phillips County Health Systems (PCHS) contains a hospital and medical clinic, and provides a variety of medical services, including urgent care, mental health, rehab, senior life solutions, etc. PCHS was named a Top 20 Critical Access Hospital by the National Rural health Association in 2017.

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