Ellsworth County

If you’ve ever been to Ellsworth County, you know how beautiful it is. The goal of the Ellsworth County Incentive Program is to drive people to reside in the county that we know and love.

The approach taken for the incentive program was to identify jobs within the community that are critical to keep the economy going. NWKEICI & ConnectNWK are partnering with those companies to give a monetary incentive to individuals who are hired for these job positions.

Available Positions

About Ellsworth County

Ellsworth County is located in Central Kansas, with close proximity to both Interstate 70 and Interstate 35. Ellsworth County’s population as of the 2020 census is 6376, and we identify as an agriculture-based county, with diversity in manufacturing and economic stability with our cornerstone being the Ellsworth Correctional Facility.

Ellsworth County ranks among the top in safe places to live, and also has high commuter patterns, which are identified as great opportunities to capture and grow our population.

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