Republic County

Republic County Goals and Objectives

  • Fill High Demand Jobs


  • Maintain workers in positions for ONE YEAR OR MORE to reduce turnover and retraining expenses
  • Increase recognition of and use of NWK Connects job board to PROMOTE JOB MATCHING beyond the conclusion of any incentive program, create patterns that wil convert in the future
  • Convert COMMUTERS TO HOMEOWNERS , thereby increasing our tax base and creating long-term retention in the community

About Republic County

Republic County is made up of 8 communities: Belleville, (population 2,007), Scandia, (344), Courtland, (294), Cuba, (140), Munden, (92), Republic, (82), Narka, (81), and Agenda, (47). The focus of this application, although the need is spread across the county, will be on addressing the lack of housing in the City of Belleville.

Located at the major intersection of the U.S. Highway 81 and U.S. Highway 36, Republic County sits in a prime location. The area has a varied employment base which includes agriculture, manufacturing, service based jobs, many jobs within the education system, and a variety of retail stores with a strong medical facilities economy. The balance of economy is a strength of stability to the area; when one area is slow, other sectors are not affected. Regionally the area has emerged as a medical and manufacturing hub.

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