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Growing up in Northwest Kansas, your rural experiences here have shaped you into the young adult you are becoming. As you finish your high school career and consider your next steps in life, consider all the great benefits of living and working in Northwest Kansas.

Did you realize that many of the career choices you are now considering as you leave high school are available in our area? We all need doctors, attorneys, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, construction engineers and welders. We also need teachers, accountants, precision agriculture engineers, IT specialists, dentists, physical therapists and many other professionals you grew up with.

Living and working in Northwest Kansas provides many opportunities for young adults that you won’t find in metropolitan areas. We have welcoming, clean, and safe communities with affordable housing. Our area features a low cost of living with lots of good-paying jobs in almost any profession or vocation. Our excellent broadband access opens the door to remote jobs and e-commerce from the small town where you want to live.

This is where you grew up and, in most cases, where your parents grew up. Living close to family is a benefit that most metropolitan jobs can’t offer, but in Northwest Kansas, your children can have the experiences of being close to Grandma and Grandpa – a benefit that everyone can enjoy.

Come Home to Northwest Kansas.
As you consider what you want to do and where you want to go after high school, life in Northwest Kansas looks pretty good. Be sure to check out the jobs listed here and you will see that you don’t have to move far away to enjoy the quality of life in Northwest Kansas.

Innovation Center is administering a survey to gain valuable insight of all 26 counties in the Northwest Kansas region and what they have to offer. We are turning to you, our community, for help completing the survey so that we can put together the county-wide asset maps.


“It’s a lot of fun. You get to be part of your kids’ lives on a daily basis, and we didn’t do that for years.”


“We wanted to give our kids the same experiences we had growing up in a small town,”

Your future can be right here!

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