Tri-State Antique Engine & Threshers Association – Nex-Generation Internship

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We are seeking two interns to assist with preparations for our annual Tri-State Antique Engine and Thresher Show in July. Interns will receive hands-on experience with moving equipment around on the grounds, cleaning, performing outside maintenance, mowing, watering, and picking up trash, as well as painting and minor equipment maintenance and assembly jobs. One intern will likely spend time in more of an administrative role, assisting with data entry and helping set up and rearrange our museum building, but may also assist with the remaining preparations, as needed.

Contact Name: Kris Oldsen
Phone: 785-772-5266

Business: Tri-State Antique Engine & Thresher Show
Address: PO Box 9 Bird City, KS 67731
County: Cheyenne

Positions Available – 2

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