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JOB TITLE:  Registered Nurse

REPORTS TO: Director of Nursing

JOB SUMMARY:   Manages and coordinates care of patients; directs and supervises

functions and activities; interprets policies, procedures, standards, and regulations as

appropriate.  Responsible for assessing, planning, organizing, implementing and

evaluating the direct total care of patients of all ages.


Please apply if interested in Full, Part time or PRN.



Experience:      RN, OB preferred

Education:        Graduate of an acceptable school of nursing

Req. Cert/         Registration and current RN license with Kansas State Board of Nursing. Certifications in CPR, ACLS, TNCC and NRP.  Certifications may be earned within first 6 to 12 months of employment.

Typical Working Conditions:

Regularly exposed to the risk of blood borne diseases
Contact with patients under wide variety of circumstances
May be exposed to patient elements and unpleasant situations (accidents, injuries, and illness)
Subject to varying and unpredictable situations
Handles emergency or crisis situations
Occasionally subjected to irregular hours
Occasional pressure due to multiple calls and surgeries and patient groups
May be exposed to infections and contagious diseases
Exposed to hazardous anesthetic agents, body fluids, and wastes
Exposed to hazards from electrical/mechanical/power equipment
This list is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary



Primary Responsibilities:

Promotes the mission, vision, and values of the organization.
Assesses patients at intervals as stated in policies and procedures.
Develops an individualized plan of care through assessment of the patient’s condition; prescribes appropriate nursing actions to meet those goals and the physical, psychological, social and rehabilitative needs of the patient, including discharge planning.
Reports pertinent observations and reactions regarding patients to the appropriate person (i.e. physician, charge nurse and/or nursing director, etc) and records those observations accurately and concisely.
Assists team members in giving care to patients, or administers direct care as assigned.
Initiates and updates nursing care plans.
Administers medication and performs treatments to assigned patients as per policy/procedure and documents time, type, amount, etc. on patients’ chart.
Directs, supervises and evaluates nursing care provided to patients.
Assists physicians and mid levels with special tests and procedures such as thoracentesis, lumbar puncture, etc.
Participates in economical utilization of supplies and ensures that equipment is maintained in a clean and safe manner. Assists in assuring an adequate inventory of supplies are maintained and that equipment is functioning properly.
Ability to operate computer system for tasks including but not limited to admit, discharge, order entry, medication administration and document retrieval.
Participates in orientation of new personnel and mentoring of students.
Establishes and maintains communication and utilizes teaching opportunities with patients and their significant others.
Assists with emergency measures for sudden adverse developments.
Participates in the maintaining a clean and safe environment. Follows standard precaution..  Is aware of and follows airborne isolation and other safety plans as indicated.
Participates actively in committees for improvement of nursing care. Supports the compliance program and participates in ongoing monitoring of activities with respect to compliance related issues (patient charges, appropriate level of care, etc).
Maintains confidentiality and respects patient privacy.
Communicates with patients, visitors, families, physicians and other departments.
Observes, evaluates and documents care given as well as the patient response to such treatment.
Attends staff meetings, in-services and continuing education as appropriate. Attends 100% of all mandatory inservice and continuing education.
Activates fire or disaster plans as necessary.
Makes referrals to social services as needed.
Assures continuity of nursing care through shift report, documentation and nursing care plans.
Makes frequent rounds on patients to assess changes in condition.
Informs charge nurse or immediate supervisor of needed supplies and equipment or malfunctioning equipment. Immediately removes malfunctioning equipment from use.
Maintains a clean, attractive and comfortable environment for patients with special consideration to cleanliness of rooms.
Has ability to work with a variety of patients, regardless of age, race, ethnicity or sociological background or disability.
May be assigned as staffing requires to all areas of care including Medical/Surgical, Skilled Care, Intermediate Swing Bed, Outpatient, Obstetrical, Emergency/Trauma; Critical Care (Monitored Bed Unit).
Cooperates with other personnel to achieve department objectives and maintain good employee relations, interdepartmental objectives, and infection control policies.
Performs within the limits of the State Nurse Practice Act / ANA Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and hospital policies/guidelines and procedures.
This list may not include all of the duties assigned.

PATIENT AGE GROUPS SERVED: Neonate, child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric

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