Registered Dental Hygienist

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Job Overview

Reports to:  Clinical Manager

Salary Range:  $32-$42/hour Based on Experience

Primary Responsibilities

Provide exceptional hygiene treatment to patients

Promote RCDC mission, vision, and core values


Specific Duties

·        Check daily schedule with the reception for hygiene patients

·        Work with reception to schedule hygiene patients with efficiency

·        Carefully review patient health and dental history forms and update as necessary

·        Accurately chart each patient’s oral health

·        Perform thorough and gentle prophylaxis to patients

·        Perform scaling, root planning, and selective polishing for selective patients

·        Administer local anesthetics when appropriate

·        Place medicaments subgingivally for periodontal disease treatment as necessary

·        Provide radiographs for patients as prescribed by dentist

·        Apply cavity-preventative agents such as fluorides and sealants

·        Perform head and neck examinations

·        Communicate with patients in an understandable and professional way

·        Check on patient comfort during treatment; help allay patient anxiety

·        Take accurate notes on the provided treatment

·        Teach proper oral hygiene techniques to patients

·        Counsel patients on proper nutrition and oral health care education

·        Perform other tasks assigned by the dentist and clinical manager


Treatment Room Management and Sterilization

·        Check hygiene room for cleanliness; make necessary changes

·        Check and turn on hygiene room equipment

·        Gather and review patient charts for the day

·        Clean hygiene room at the end of the day; turn off equipment

·        Maintain a supply inventory for hygiene treatment

·        Review, select, and submit orders for patient education materials for the practice

·        Submit supply orders to business manager once a month or as necessary

·        Discard properly all disposable items from each visit

·        Assemble soiled instruments and place in sterilization area

·        Clean treatment room surfaces with disinfection solution

·        Pre-soak soiled instruments in disinfectant

·        Sort and package instruments by tray for proper sterilization

·        Load, activate, and vent the sterilization unit according to manufacturer’s directions

·        Store instruments and trays in appropriate places


Records Management

·        See that records are stored securely and handled in compliance with legal requirements, including the HIPAA privacy and security regulations if applicable

·        Accurately record medical and dental histories

·        Accurately file patient information

·        Assist in the administration of the recall system


Office Participation

·        Be an active participant in staff meetings

·        Promote team concept by interacting with others in the office


Personal Requirements


·        Must be licensed to practice in state and meet other applicable state requirements

·        Must have completed at least 2 years of post-secondary education from an accredited dental hygiene program

·        Nomad Certificate

·        Compliance with state dental practice requirements (i.e., X-ray requirements, OSHA training)

·        Basic computer skills

·        Commitment to CE/ECP for career development

·        Team Player



·        Good interpersonal skills to maintain effective rapport with patients, dentists, other staff members, and community

·        Effective verbal skills to communicate with patients and staff


Other duties as assigned by direct supervisor and/or management.

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