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Phillips County Health Systems is seeking a Full-time experienced Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) or Dietetic Technician (DTR).

The Dietary Manager plans, directs, organizes, and develops the operations of the dietary department to deliver patient-centered excellence in our food service program. The Dietary Manager serves as the steward of Food and Nutritional Services, supervises dietary associates, and coordinates with all staff throughout the organization to provide quality and nutritional food service to our patients, guests, and staff. Phillips County Health Systems takes pride in providing quality food that is both appealing and nutritional in support of our patients’ all-around well-being.

JOB DUTIES  (This list may not include all of the duties assigned.)

  1. Selects, trains/orients, and assigns department staff.
  2. Develops standards of performance, evaluates performance, and initiates or makes recommendations for personnel actions.
  3. Develops department goals and objectives, and establishes and implements policies and procedures for department operation.
  4. Develops and recommends department operating budget and ensures that department operates within budget.
  5. Directs the preparation and maintenance of department reports.  Prepares periodic reports for top management, as required.
  6. Ensures that food preparation areas are maintained in accordance with hospital policy and sanitation standards.
  7. Establishes policy, plans, and directs the activities of the Food Service Department for patients, employees and visitors to ensure delivery of quality nutrition and food services.
  8. Provides overall guidance and direction in dietary planning and planning of daily menus including regular and therapeutic diets.
  9. Oversees the storage and preparation of patients’, employees’, and visitors’ food.
  10. Oversees the procurement of foods and supplies from vendors and suppliers.
  11. Coordinates loading, delivery, and pickup of food carts on schedule.
  12. Directs maintenance of departmental facilities, equipment, supplies, and materials in a condition to promote efficiency, health, comfort, and safety of patients and staff.
  13. Cooperates with the Finance Department in billing, collecting, charging, reporting, and proper accounting for revenues from the sale of meals and in developing and maintaining adequate safeguards for preventing losses.
  14. Plans and organizes food services for events being held at outside locations, i.e. employee picnics, holiday parties, etc.
  15. Enhances professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-service meetings, and workshops.Participates in administrative staff meetings, attends other meetings, and serves on committees as required.


Food Service Management Experience
Certified Dietary Manager or Registered Dietetic Technician

At PCHS, we provide competitive salaries and outstanding benefits, presenting a fulfilling opportunity to become part of a dedicated healthcare organization committed to delivering exceptional patient care.

Incentive Pay Available!

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