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Manages the Radiological Department; establishes policies, procedures, standards, and objectives for the provision of radiological services along with the responsibility of all aspects of managing the radiology staff, including performance appraisal, coaching, discipline, and recognition and reward. Assume call coverage in rotation of 1 weekday and 1 weekend a month.


Experience:                 Previous experience as a radiological technologist is required.

Education:                   Graduate of an accredited program in radiological technology.

Req. Cert./Reg.:          Licensed in the state of Kansas, CPR Certification. ARRT licensed

JOB DUTIES: (This list may not be an exhaustive list of required duties and responsibilities.)

1.       Selects, trains/orients and assigns department staff.  Develops standards of performance, evaluates performance, coaches, mentors, disciplines, and initiates or makes recommendations for personnel actions, if appropriate and recognizes staff for exceptional performance.

2.       Develops department goals and objectives, and establishes and implements policies and procedures for department operation and ensures they remain current and consistent with hospital/regulatory guidelines.

3.       Develops a department operating budget and ensures that department operates within budget.

4.       Directs the preparation and maintenance of department reports.

5.       Ensures the delivery of quality services in areas of operation.  Acts as an educational resource and is available for consultation to medical, nursing, and administrative staff.

6.    Establishes and maintains communication within the hospital.  Develops relationships with professional affiliations and others as is appropriate.

7.    Oversees new testing procedures and related protocols.  Encourages and approves introduction and demonstration of new techniques, equipment, etc.

8.    Directs maintenance of departmental facilities, equipment, supplies and materials in a condition to promote efficiency, health, comfort, and safety of patients and staff.

9.    Performs radiographic and EKG examinations.

10.   Obtains patient history, answers patient questions, and explains procedure.

11.   Assists in inventory control and ordering of supplies.

12.   Selects and operates equipment as directed.

13.   Maintains x-ray and other equipment in efficient operating order; performs preventative maintenance on a regular scheduled basis; contacts outside service for malfunctions.

14.   Reviews completed tests for quality, completeness, and type of test ordered; ensures quality images.

15.   Maintains orderliness and cleanliness of work area.

16.   Transports patients to radiographic room; prepares and maintains room.

17.   Enhances professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-service meetings, and workshops.

18.   Assists and ensures staff maintains current and valid licensure.

19.   Participates in hospital/med staff committees as required.  Attends and serves on professional/civic service organizations as a hospital representative.

20.   Ensures all departmental emergency plans are updated.

21.   Annually develops and oversees a minimum of two (2) departmental process improvement projects.

22.   Work collaboratively with CEO and other members of Administration on the acquisition of new equipment through effective vendor evaluation and business plan development.

23.    Ensure departmental invoices are paid accordingly.

24.    Continued to evaluate departmental equipment and ensure service agreements are appropriate and in full-force and effect to prevent major and unexpected organizational expenditures.

25.     Not less than annually complete an equipment analysis for effective equipment replacement plans for budget and effective planning purposes.

26.    Complete departmental QA/QI reports consistent with the organizational QA/QI calendar.

27.    Participate in the annual strategic planning process and ensure departmental commitment to achieving overall organizational goals consistent with the annual strategic plan.

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