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We are looking for new team members!

“I really enjoy working with my co-workers and taking care of people close to home. Working in a small town has allowed me to form closer relationships with the patients I care for.” – Krista VanDiest, RN

We’re seeking a highly skilled and compassionate nurse to join our hospital nursing team!

​PRN Outpatient Clinic Registered Nurse: 

​The Registered Nurse in the Outpatient Department is responsible for clinical patient care.

It is ensuring high-quality nursing care in a clinical setting with a focus on the implementation of efficient outpatient clinic services.  Providing professional nursing care by conducting patient assessments, administering treatments and medications, and performing various diagnostic tests.  Recording medical history and symptoms, completing documentation in the medical record. Assisting physicians during examinations and procedures, operating and monitoring medical equipment as necessary. May call in pharmacy prescriptions/refills.  Coordinating patient care, and acting as a liaison with other departments or facilities.  Providing patient education before and after procedures.

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