Manage planning, purchasing, storage, control and distribution of materials and products to
meet company objectives and customer requirements. Review and distribution of
production drawings.


 Insure and maintain confidentiality of all proprietary information.
 Direct and administer Purchasing, Production Control and Inventory Control functions.
 Negotiate best term purchasing contracts.
 Calculate, produce and distribute accurate mult lists.
 Complete all required documentation to accurately allocate materials to specific
 Establish availability and quality of materials and supplies needed to fulfill contract
 Investigate reliability of vendor and delivery schedules.
 Establish procedures for and supervise taking of physical inventory. Maintain complete
records of inventory, material in purchase and accurate vendor records that include
accurate mill-test reports.
 Maintain optimum inventory levels to ensure on-time delivery to meet customer
requirements while minimizing carrying costs and premium transportation charges.
Oversee and ensure proper production control planning and scheduling programs to
meet contractual obligations. Balance in-coming materials with available manpower and
machine availability. Oversee purchasing and/or contracting for materials, supplies,
equipment, services and all inventory items. Investigate and resolve problems resulting
from material shortages.
 Establish and maintain purchasing practices and policies to insure ethical relationships
with vendors. Keep informed of legal issues affecting purchasing functions. Keep abreast
of market and pricing trends affecting company operations. Identify and maintain list of
scheduled buys and repeat use items. Establish reporting systems related to materials
function. Ensure company standard practices and procedures are followed.
 Continue exploration for new or alternate materials, suppliers and processes to achieve
best possible quality, reliability, price, and continuity and delivery results.
 Initiate process and complete disposition of obsolete items or materials. Negotiate
return of unused items for credit at close of projects. Arrange for sale or disposal of non-
returnable obsolete items.
 Negotiate with vendors and manufacturers for materials used in production. Establish
quantities, select vendors, assess vendor capabilities, develop alternate sources,
evaluate vendor performance and negotiate price and delivery. Recommend major

purchases based on anticipated changes in prices or on unusual availability situations.
Recommend bulk purchases based on negotiated price breaks and discounts.
 Document purchases. Expedite orders. Complete accounting documentation. Resolve
any discrepancies between order and billing price and/or order and receipt quantities.
Analyze purchasing history and supplier performance. Establish purchasing schedules.
Compile and distribute reports as required.
 Review and distribution of production drawings.
 Work with Engineering and Management to approve material substitutions or special
 Effectively communicate changes in priorities or completion dates due to unscheduled
projects of higher priority or urgency.
 Establish, communicate and monitor personal and departmental performance and
improvement goals in support of organizational objectives. Communicate results to
Supervisor. Encourage and promote continuous personal development, skill attainment
and optimal performance for self and others.
 Support and comply with company policies, programs, procedures and/or guidelines
during performance of all duties. Report observed instances of non-compliance to
 Demonstrate safe work habits. Attend trainings and meetings as required.
 Cross-train on other departmental duties in preparation for performing in a back-up
capacity. Provide hands-on training as needed.
 Cooperate with all co-workers and management personnel in all areas and departments.
Promote the best interests of the company and contribute to a positive work
environment at all times.
 Purchase, properly use and maintain personal tools. Proper use and maintenance of all
company tools, equipment, supplies and computer hardware and software.
 Demonstrate cost effective use of human and material resources. Actively seek ideas
and incorporate improvements to enhance productivity.
 Remain flexible and willing to work beyond standard, scheduled hours in response to
unforeseen requirements.
 Perform all other duties as required.

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About MaiCo Industries

Paul K. Mai founded MaiCo Industries, Inc. in late 1995. It is centrally located in Ellsworth, Kansas. MaiCo's original facility consisted of approximately 50,000 square feet that specialized in built-up rigid frames utilized in the metal building industry.

In 2001, MaiCo added on an expansion (50,000 square feet) to our original facility to fabricate multi-sided poles to be utilized within the DOT, sports lighting, wind tower, utility, etc. markets.

MaiCo established a level of quality, which is supported by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) certification within the standards, and criteria of a Conventional Steel Structures certification. All of our welders are certified per the American Welding Society (AWS) criteria governed within the AWS D1.1 current welding code and CWB as governed by the Canadian Welding Bureau.

Currently, MaiCo Industries has 115,000 sq. feet of production space. We process 1 million pounds of steel coils 3/16" to 1/2" thick X 48"/96". All of our steel is made in U.S.A.

MaiCo Industries, Inc. has complimentary services through companies within the Mai group of companies. The companies include:PKM Steel Service, Inc. offers additional fabrication, machinery and manpower resources.
MSS Transport, Inc. provides a small fleet of trucks for standard and specialized trucking requirements, in addition to brokering loads as needed.
Salina Steel Supply, Inc. specializes in the marketing and sales of a diversified range of metal products and services.