Hoxie Feedyard (Foote Cattle Company) – Nex-Generation Internship

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We are looking for an intern for our Hoxie (Hoxie Feedyard) location who wants to learn more about hard work, taking great care of animals, and feeding the world! We are one of the nation’s largest cattle operations and are right here in Northwest Kansas. We do business with hundreds of local farms and businesses each day to help make our local economy strong. Our people take care of cattle, run large equipment, do accounting and bookkeeping work, farm, drive trucks, and work with others in many ways every day.

Contact Name: Lonny Geiman
Phone: 785-386-4519
Cell Phone: 620-960-8322

Business: Hoxie Feedyard (Foote Cattle Company)
Address: PO Box 65 Hoxie, KS 67740
County: Sheridan

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