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GROW Decatur County Foundation Director Job Description

The GROW Decatur County Foundation Director provides support and leadership to build a viable community foundation by developing relationships and working with individuals, area groups and entities for the purpose of community development and betterment of life in Decatur County.


·   Market and promote the Community Foundation to grow funds and assets and raise the visibility of the Community Foundation

·   Organize and facilitate annual fundraising events/projects, including communication and marketing with assistance from the Board

·   Promote donations from individuals, businesses, groups and associations

·   Facilitate direct outreach with donors and organizations to educate and establish new funds in the foundation

·   Develop and implement cooperative and joint efforts between the Foundation and community/county organizations which promote common goals and achieve mutual advantage

·   Manage operations by taking phone calls, correspondence, project/funding requests, grant reports, etc.

·   Attend Board meetings; monthly report to the Board

·   Maintain GROW website and Facebook page

·   Coordinate, promote and manage the Dane G. Hansen Initiatives, with assistance from the Board, if applicable

·   Facilitate grants, applications, approval, awareness, management, records and promotions – in assistance with the Board, with possible assistance to area organizations on the grant process

·   Assist Board in setting and implementing plans and goals, both long and short term

·   Participate in training provided by Hansen, regional and/or national training if recommended or required

·   All other foundation related duties as deemed necessary by the board and/or supervising board chair.


Office, computer, printer, office equipment and supplies will be provided at the expense of the GROW Decatur County Foundation with the ownership to remain with GROW.

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Applications will be taken until July 20th.

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