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The Medical Records Clerk is responsible for carrying out professional Health Information responsibilities to the established standards and policies.


To be a qualified candidate for this position, you will need the following:

·         Computer proficiency and word processing experience.

·         Ability to operate office machines (scanner, copier, etc.).

·         Knowledge of medical terminology.


Located in Quinter, Kansas; there is a close-to-home, tight-knit community feeling that is hard to find anywhere else.  Gove County Medical Center is a hospital that continues to be a staple for generations to come thanks to small town, privately run businesses, a large farming community, one-on-one educational experiences with tenured leaders, and rooted generational dedication.  This community is one of a kind and has an atmosphere that allows everyone to feel like part of a family.


This is a great opportunity for your career with a facility that values its employees.  If you are looking for a chance to grow with a rural healthcare facility, now is the time to take action to achieve your goal.


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