Assistant Director of Early Learning Services

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Assistant Director of Early Learning Services


The GCMC Early Learning Center Assistant Director will successfully run the ELC fulling both administrative tasks and Lead Teacher II requirements in conjunction with each other. Assistant Director will uphold all KDHE regulations, ratios and Director of Early Learning Services expectations at all times.


To be a qualified candidate for this position, you will need the following:

·         Minimum of (6) six months experience within the facility preferred but not required, will train successful candidate.

·         Completion of Early Brain Development Course.

·         Complete Leadership Series courses.

·         Demonstrate proficient knowledge and implementation of a variety of activities that stimulate early learning for all ages of children facility wide.

·         Demonstrate ability to handle more challenging behavioral issues facility wide utilizing self-regulation skills and age appropriate communication fluidly and consistently.

·         Demonstrate proficiency in communication with all ages, development of children and their families even when addressing challenging issues.

·         Demonstrate the ability to multitask proficiently and productively at all times.

·         Communicate professionally and productively with co-workers and Director on a consistent basis even when addressing challenging issues amongst staff.

·         Strive to continuously improve facility, gain self-knowledge, make practices more efficient and exceed expectations outlined by Director.


Located in Quinter, Kansas; there is a close-to-home, tight knit community feeling that is hard to find anywhere else.  Gove County Medical Center is a hospital that continues to be a staple for generations to come thanks to small town, privately run businesses, a large farming community, one-on-one educational experiences with tenured leaders and rooted generational dedication.  This community is one of a kind and has an atmosphere that allows everyone to feel like part of a family.


This is a great opportunity for your career with a facility that values their employees.  If you are looking for a chance to grow with a rural healthcare facility, now is the time to take action to achieve your goal.


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