Feeding the Children of Central Kansas – Kitchen – Nex-Generation Internship

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We are a nonprofit summer food service program that feeds over 23,000 meals in 11 weeks. We have a central kitchen that prepares, then delivers meals to 11 sites in 3 school districts in 7 counties. We have 2 positions available as kitchen assistant, dishwasher, and daily cleaning of the kitchen. This job is Monday through Thursday, with some Fridays spent preparing for the next week. Hours are 8:30 am – 1:00 pm. Lunch is furnished. Reading and speaking English is required. Variety of duties includes, but isn’t limited to: sou chef to head and assistant cook, assisting the baker, side dish prep, electric passthrough dishwasher, and daily cleaning of the kitchen. Candidate should be comfortable working with a minimum of 3 cooks in a busy kitchen. Supervisor will be the head or assistant cook.

Contact Name: Lynn Kasper
Phone: (785) 658-7516
Email: feedingchildrenofcentralkansas@gmail.com

Business Address: PO Box 214, 2505 Avenue E, Wilson, KS 67490
County: Ellsworth

Positions Available: 2

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