Feeding the Children of Central Kansas – Packing Room – Nex-Generation Internship

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We are a nonprofit summer food service program that feeds over 23,000 meals in 11 weeks. We have a central kitchen that prepares, then delivers meals to 11 sites in 3 school districts in 7 counties. We have 2 positions available as packing room interns. The job is Monday through Thursday, with some Fridays, spent preparing for the next week. First responsibility each day is setting up the packing line. The right candidate will be trained for this responsibility. Set-up takes approximately 30 minutes each day. Candidate must be able to lift 50 half pints of milk in a crate. The candidate must be comfortable taking inventory and reporting numbers. Good math skills are necessary. Temperatures of all refrigerators and freezers are checked every morning and recorded. Candidate is to sweep and mop the packing room floor at the end of each day. Delivery of food supplies occurs 2 days a week. The candidate will need to receive and enter inventory records. This job is Monday through Thursday, with Friday if inventory isn’t complete. Hours are 8:30 am – 1:00 pm two days a week, and 8:30 am until delivery is complete 2 days a week. Must have a driver’s license. Vehicle furnished if driving is necessary within the city limits of Wilson, KS. Mileage will be covered if the candidate is more comfortable driving their personal car. Candidate will be working with Senior Citizens. We have over 20 volunteers all over the age of 55. Candidate will report to the director and/or treasurer. Both Women are over 70 years of age. Lunch is furnished. Reading and speaking English is required

Contact Name: Lynn Kasper
Phone: (785) 658-7516
Email: feedingchildrenofcentralkansas@gmail.com

Business Address: PO Box 214, 2505 Avenue E, Wilson, KS 67490
County: Ellsworth

Positions Available: 2

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