Feeding the Children of Central Kansas – Assistant Cook – Nex-Generation Internship

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We are a nonprofit summer food service program that feeds over 23,000 meals in 11 weeks. We have a central kitchen that prepares, then delivers meals to 11 sites in 3 school districts in 7 counties. Lunch is furnished. Reading and speaking English is required. This job is Monday through Thursday, with some Fridays, if interns need supervising preparing for the next week. Hours are 7:00 or 8:00 am until 1:00 pm. Variety of duties include, but aren’t limited to: sou chef to head chef, overseeing and assisting in baking, side dish prep, electric passthrough dishwasher, and daily cleaning of the kitchen. Candidate should be comfortable reporting to the head cook and supervising 2 interns in a busy kitchen. Minimum of 1 semester experience in a school kitchen or in a summer food service is required.

Contact Name: Lynn Kasper
Phone: (785) 658-7516
Email: feedingchildrenofcentralkansas@gmail.com

Business Address: PO Box 214, 2505 Avenue E, Wilson, KS 67490
County: Ellsworth

Positions Available: 1

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