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Develop, link, coordinate, provide and monitor services, supports and resources with respect to the needs of the children/Family (preferences, choices and values), through the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) process.  Serve as an advocate for and on behalf of the child’s and parent’s rights and benefits. Perform Family Service Coordination duties according to the Procedure manual for Part C. Provide support to families and staff of the Kid-Link program and service delivery model and serve as the team coordinator for the program functions.

BA/BS human services field required (Psychology/Social Work/Special Education). 6 months experience with IDD required.

Starting Wage: $19.23/hour, Increases contingent on experience/certifications. $1,000 Sign On for New Hires!

Essential Functions

Coordinate and facilitate the admissions/exit process for children entering/exiting the Kid-Link program. This is completed through the use of the State Infant Toddler (ITS) Database and the CI Master for DSNWK.

Serve as an Intake team member for the initial contact with families to explain and inform the service delivery model of the State ITS services.

Inform parents of their rights and due process regarding infant-toddler early intervention services. Provide information on the program goals, mission, and evidence based practices.

Coordinate, facilitate and monitor the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) process for each child/family within the ITS database and the Kid-Link files. This includes tracking of dates and requirements for the IFSP and State regulations (Ex. Transition, PWN, Annual LP, etc.).

Monitor and report to the Director and Team if there are concerns with children and families receiving the services and supports needed, as identified by their IFSP and Kid-Link team. (Kid-Link staff and parents.)

Facilitate communication and serve as contact for parents, service providers and agencies collaborating with the Kid-Link program, as well as those used for referral.

Complete applicable sections of the Basic Assessment & Service Information System (BASIS) for any child with multiple developmental delays.

Provide information and resources to parents, which will enable them to support their child’s developmental progress.

Report health, safety, licensing and ANE issues to appropriate personnel per agency policy.

Facilitate and assist with the timely transitions from Kid-Link services/Part C to ‘Part B’ (preschool) services. Contacting Local Education agency per state policy.

Maintain case records and files for State and children in Kid-Link Services in accordance with agency policy.

Collect and submit data for the State ITS database, for state and federal reports, for program evaluations, including parent satisfaction information and for quarterly outcome report and semi-annual report.

Responsible for gathering and submission to the State Part C, ICSP’s, QIR’s, Data, as requested.

Assist in the updates and revisions to the Kid-Link Network Continuous Improvement Plan (NCIP).

Participate in/assist other Kid-Link staff to plan and provide early childhood screening clinics throughout the six county service area.

Annually register appropriate children with the Kansas Information & Resource Center for the Deaf and Blind Students (KIRC).

Monitor, coordinate and maintain the purchases, purchase order, petty cash and imprest fund for Kid-Link program (i.e. office supplies, custodial supplies, postage, and other items needed for the Kid-Link office including the need for building repairs and/or maintenance).

Develop and maintain a knowledge base for new developments in early intervention services, changes in agency and state policies, participate in selected in-service training and integrate appropriate changes into services.

Participate in the North Country Connection Interagency Coordinating Council meetings and create minutes for quarterly meetings. Responsible for the note taking of the meeting for distribution.

Assist staff in reporting Transportation related items (ie. end of month mileage report, repairs).

Report to the State Disability related information for determining disability.


HIPAA Compliance

This position is responsible for maintaining confidentiality for all PHI and ePHI that is shared with this employee.  This position will have access to all PHI and ePHI for individuals whom they support as a member of their Life Plan Team or for whom they provide backup services, on-call supports or involvement in investigations, as required.


Other Responsibilities

Complete other duties as assigned by the Director of Service Coordination.

Participate in coordination connection meeting, as assigned.

Coordinate Funding Services for Children, as needed.

This position is not subject to the two year training period as defined by KPERS.

Education – BA/BS in a human services field, preferably Psychology, Social Work, or Special Education required.  Master’s Degree in a human services field preferred.

Experience – A minimum of six months experience working with individuals, preferably preschool children, with developmental disabilities is required.

Extent of physical effort required- Routine job requirements. Little if any behavior or other physical intervention.

Other Requirements

Valid driver’s license.

Desire to work with individuals with developmental disabilities.

Able to exercise good judgment and discretion in handling confidential information.

Must have good people skills.

Must have good organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

CPR/First Aid License (will train)

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